The gift of another Monday...

on April 15, 2024


Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another chance to begin again and believe again and breakthrough again,
Another opportunity to let the invisible give breath and hope to the visible, remembering that what’s underneath the surface is the realest and truest of all,
Jesus—we are GRATEFUL.
This day—this fresh week—this clean slate that you’ve delivered in Your mercy and Your kindness—we feel strengthened by Your love in each moment we realize it—a depth we can’t understand but long to thank You for.

Help us be people of peace, leaving our worries at Your feet, knowing You steward and sort out what’s important and show us how to let go of what’s not.
You recalibrate our minds on how to handle pain and what to do with discouragement; we don’t have to wonder how to handle something or find somewhere else to wrestle through what’s hurting us—YOU are our safe place in every season, no matter the situation or how we got there.
Thank You for being the most caring, tender, empathetic, and refreshing presence we will ever know. There isn’t a moment that we spend with You that doesn’t leave us better, stronger, and more at peace. That is who You ARE!

May we remember that some will interact with us and silently be asking the question, “Does Jesus see me?”
Let our words, our responses, and our actions edify their hearts as we remind them of their significance, value, and eternal home.
Nothing is more important than loving the people You have made; all projects fade and eventually all progress comes to the question of: “Can it be sewn into Heaven?”

We want to be people who walk forward with unusual courage, stark boldness, and constant faith, speaking to what has YET to come because we trust the Promise-Keeper.
We will never regret having faith and trusting You—remind us of this truth when the view seems dismal or blurry. We don’t need to know what we do not know—because we know YOU.

Great is Your faithfulness, Lord.
Strong is Your arm, Father.
Capable is Your hand, Shepherd.
Tender is Your soul, God.
Constant is Your presence, my King.
Loving is ALL that You do and will ever do, my Rock and my Redeemer.

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