The Holy Spirit will guide + help you.

on May 04, 2023

When you know you can count on something, especially amidst the uncertainty of what lies ahead and the fickle tendencies around you, it provides security + peace.

🤍 The Holy Spirit will be your constant helper, wherever you are. He goes before you, travels with you, watches from behind. He has unlimited resources, unmatched patience, + perfect wisdom.

🤍 The prayers of your heart—both those you can voice + those you suppress—will be heard by the King. He will bend down to listen to you. Your heart is on His mind.

🤍 Being grateful will help you fight for contentment, even when you’re not experiencing your preference. Gratitude invites grace to filter your circumstances so that you can see the Creator moving.

🤍 ALL work is seen by the One who matters. If your day is filled with many unseen + unrecognized moments, that sacrifice is honored + rewarded by the Shepherd.

🤍 There will be detours you didn’t expect + pivots you wouldn’t prefer but your flexibility will reveal your faith today. Releasing control, you will find great power in trusting His ways.

🤍 Distraction will come + voices will vie for your attention but you have the self-control + sound mind that comes from the Spirit. You’ll have to fight for focus but you’re capable of walking in it.

🤍 God will be moving in ways you can’t see + working in ways you could never deserve—that is what you can cling to wherever you go! When you face challenges, go ahead + claim His power + authority. He’s there.

🤍 You are the only one who gets to determine the hope that you have, the joy that you walk in, and the peace that determines your posture. You will be the only one who transfers that to anyone else—don’t give it away.

🤍 Surrender—regarding your conversation, the best decision to make, how to love, what to do to be efficient, all of it—will be your best strategy. It’s not irresponsible to release it—it’s the surest way to discernment + Kingdom counsel.

🤍 However it all shakes out, whatever you give, + in whatever capacity you show up today, God will love you the same. Perfectly, unconditionally, + forever.

Everything you can count on is far greater than what you fear.

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