"The Miracle of You" is HERE!!!

on March 14, 2023

I’ve learned that book launch days kinda feel weird because you care so much about something you have NO control over (story of our lives, right?)
You pray that did enough while constantly hearing the whisper that you didn’t. And then you pause and think, “HOLD UP. This is for Jesus. He’s got this.”
Anyway, as I talked to Sledge yesterday about what was happening today, the Holy Spirit reminded me of 3 things that I pray Sledge practices with anything he puts his hands to:
1. Celebrate the obedience, not the affirmation of others recognizing your obedience.
2. Release the results + trust the Creator with the connections
3. Let the who + the why drive every what, when, + how

Since things are caught more than taught with kids, and for the peace of my own soul, I figured we should do it together.
Right then.
So, Sledge and I sat down. Graham cracker in his hand (slowly disintegrating into crumbs), wheat thin in mine, and we fist-pumped our crackers as we talked to Jesus about how we were feeling about the book coming out.
Snacks + quality time are his love lingo I think.
I reminded him that his resilient life had inspired it. Seeing his long legs rock back + forth as his big eyes soaked in my words, I thought, “THIS. This is a miracle in motion.”
The heart behind this book relies on the most steady force we will ever know:The goodness of God.

We celebrated hearing God on this book + us saying yes to this adventure.
I told him God was proud of him and it’s like I could feel his little eyes say, “Mom, same goes for you.”
We counted the miracles around us…we never ran out of material. God is always doing so much.

Our prayer?
That this book would help your home be a miracle monitoring station—that the lens of your life would be deeply grounded in gratitude, covered by contentment, + entrenched in the peace found only in the presence of the One who made us.

Thank you x A MILLION for supporting this book, praying for it, + helping Sledge + I witness the miracle-working power of the Father in a very practical sense.

Out of ALL the miracles God has made + will do, YOU are His favorite.
It is the best news💚

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