The sun rose, just as You said it would.

on June 19, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another clean slate, where we are reminded of the lavished grace we’ve been given and the forgiveness that marks our past, present, and future.
Another chance to silence our inner critics and the voices that keep us small and choose to turn up the voice of our Big, kind, life-giving Heavenly Father.

Jesus; thank You!!!!!
Thank You.
Every Monday, we experience a new week and because You always give it, sometimes we take it for granted.
Help us steward it well this week.
May we work excellently and diligently.
Show us how to keep our eyes on the harvest of Heaven, while still pursuing our goals, keeping our gaze forward, and making progress in the places that matter.

Thank You for already blanketing our anxiety with peace + gentleness.
When we start to feel our mind wandering or our feet tapping or our soul reeling in the what ifs + the unknowns, redirect our energy to anticipation and our focus to expectation.
What will YOU do?
What are You already doing?
How is Your sovereignty connecting dots we can’t yet see?
Your restful posture and joyful countenance reveals that You are never worried.
Your frustration always stems from any separation we have with You—You continually yearn for me to remember that You don’t need my perfection or a stunning performance; You just need my presence in Your presence.
That’s all.

Help me walk as a person of faith today—not tossed by the waves of the world or attaching myself to the ebbs and flows of the people around me, but firmly gripped upon You,
Your face is the One I seek.
Your name is the one I worship.
Your Kingdom is the one I serve.
Honor leads me and joy FILLS me when I keep this as my compass.

And when hurdles come or the week presents me with a situation that ignites my fear, catalyzes my anxiety, or promotes my pity, speak authority + confidence into my soul.
THIS—this is where You are!
I am always protected, always loved, and always safe.

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