The voice of the Lord

on December 19, 2023

Have you stopped to ask?
Have you surveyed the thoughts you’re letting circulate and asked, “Do those sound like the voice of Jesus?”
Have you summoned your heart and mind to be honest so that they can surrender and actually be healed?
What does His voice sound like? Have you thought about that? You must. Because the voice you elevate determines the victory you experience and there are so many competing for your attention.

Today…as you operate and make decisions, come back to this question: “Does this sound like Jesus?”
The wisdom you’re adhering to—does it align with His Word, edifying all who hear it and making no excuses for the way of truth?
The language you’re choosing—does it confront reality while always carrying His calming, caring tone?
The reactions you feel pouring out of you—are they seeded in the fact that you already belong or do you find yourself fighting for it? Are they from a position of unrest or security? Do they build people up or tear them down?
The outlook you’re painting with your perspective—is it anchored in what you can’t see or only what you can prove? When you’re looking out on the horizon of your life, is His voice adding color to the unknown and possibility to what’s ahead or have you turned down his anthem of hope and let a million others make you wonder about what He has already told you?

Sometimes, the disparity between the voice you’re hearing and the voice of God is obvious. Clean-cut. It is easier to release.
And others? It feels a little more gray. This is what you know you can count on: His voice will always bring healing, His tone will always ensure provision, His direction will always pursue righteousness, His focus will always be inside out health, and His bottom line will always be love.

What is He saying over you today?
What’s He singing over you?
What His voice declares, no one can decide against or deem untrue. It is stamped, sealed, + safe, secured by who He is + all that He holds.

Don’t just accept the thoughts that circulate + refuse to let the offensive tones of the world determine how you view the voice of God.
Go back to what is true and let the assurance of His voice infuse you with confidence.

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