The world doesn't recognize when the Spirit is moving.

on June 11, 2024

Here’s the danger in asking the world to confirm, reassure, acknowledge, support, or encourage walking in the way of the Spirit: The world wasn’t created to recognize Him.
So, even despite its best attempts to comprehend or self-help its way into analyzing the circumstance, it can’t grasp the methods, moves, or miracles of the supernatural.

This doesn’t change the fact that the circumstance is still hard or the gap between where you are and what you’re praying for still feels larger than you’d like. This doesn’t erase your desire to see in the flesh what you trust in your spirit to take place. But what it does do is it gives you a different lens to view the landscape of your life. What it does do is it offers a totally separate value system to weigh the treasure of your life. It breathes hope and healing and help into each moment as you step forward and turn up His voice as He speaks, “I am moving. This is the good part—watch + see.”

Could the “obstacle” be the opening for Him to split the seas?
Could the closed door be the foundation for the detour you were actually hoping for?
Could the breakdown be the breeding ground for the breakthrough?
Could the denial in one place be the deliverance for you in another?
Could it be that what felt like opposition was simply preparation dressed in clothes you didn’t recognize?
Could it be that the Spirit was whispering all along the way…”trust Me…this is a setup”?
Could it be?

Don’t wait to express gratitude and welcome peace until those around you see where you are as hope-filled. Where you are IS full of new strength + joy + hope + power because the spirit is within you. Hold fast to that! 👏🏻

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