Things you'll never regret doing in 2023

on January 03, 2023

Looking back on 2022, there were certainly some ways that we spent our time, delegated our resources, + showed up that we know would’ve been better spent other ways.
And so we are leaning in this year…how can we live with a heart of wisdom?

🤍You’ll never regret prioritizing the One who made you, knows all, and controls all. When you order your devotion first, your direction + discernment follow.

🤍You’ll never regret serving someone in love—the big and the small acts—getting out of your own bubble and taking the time to see another. It opens your eyes + builds the Kingdom.

🤍You’ll never regret stopping what you’re doing and taking a moment—“God, is this what You have for me?” Choosing to recalibrate + check alignment pleases the heart of the Father.

🤍You’ll never regret worshiping now—in the hallway, before the door is opened or the prayer is answered. Praising God in the process proves your trust in His will, not your ways.

🤍You’ll never regret being kind when others aren’t—this shows Jesus like no other. Your love for them isn’t based on their reciprocation of it. How does it change your heart when God is kind when you are not?

🤍You’ll never regret setting a holy boundary—one that protects your peace, preserves your integrity, and promotes unity. This parameter welcomes Jesus.

🤍You’ll never regret checking your motivation; allowing time to assess and ask Jesus for purity, clarity, or direction is wise. This humble act can change your course completely.

🤍You’ll never regret inviting the Holy Spirit wherever you are—in every conversation, every classroom, every challenge, and every corner of your life. He’s already there but your awareness of His nearness is everything.

🤍You’ll never regret praying out loud with others—whether it be your spouse, your coworker, your friend, or a stranger—praying out loud brings strength + hope to your faith + others.

🤍You’ll never regret leaving, and truly leaving, your burdens at His feet. They’re the only trustworthy place to release, renew your mind, and rest in the truth that He knows exactly what He’s doing.

Want a strong 2023? Yield to the Father. He’s got you.

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