Think of one quality you wish you had exerted yesterday.

on January 17, 2023

Looking back on yesterday, what do you wish you could’ve harnessed or realized so that you could walk in the way of Jesus?
Yes, there’s probably many areas you need to work on and qualities that you could refine, restore, and remember to operate in…but what’s that one?
Maybe you feel your patience wearing so thin that it makes you snappy, unable to be interrupted, and frustrated with those closest to you.
Maybe you’re in the midst of making decisions and yesterday you turned up every voice in your life instead of quieting and honing into the still small voice. You’re aching for discernment.
Maybe you feel embarrassed or confused by your hardness or tendency to be cold towards certain people or situations. Gentleness feels like an elusive fruit you can’t reach.
Maybe self-control over your own time, schedule, resources, or even attention feels impossible. You react instead of respond, letting the urgency of the world around you create the pressure within you and you crumble.
Maybe joy feels absent in this season or peace feels like the posture you talk about but can’t seem to grasp in the circumstances you find yourself. Maybe when the particulars change, it’ll come?

Which one jumps out? Ask the Holy Spirit to help you—both to determine which quality/fruit and then for the strength, awareness, and courage to pick it up.

You will always have a million-things on your to-do list. But haven’t you seen, that being a professional checker-offer-of-things isn’t truly fulfilling?
Who do you want to BECOME?
How can you be that today?
Ask Jesus for one…just one.

Chances are, when you commit to His way in one area, your body, mind, heart, and soul align and others begin to get stronger, too.

When you lay your head down tonight, what will you wish you had shown or walked in?
Now—live it. It’s within you. Be desperate for Jesus and He will lead you.

Just ONE. God will move. Watch Him🤍

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