This is my priority today.

on December 14, 2023

It is truly the most simple sentiment and the basis of what you hear time and time again regarding the Lord: He has your heart in His hands. He’s holding you.
But what does this really mean after all? What does this change? How can you count on it?

But I want you to imagine the scene:
The King of Kings and the One who gave breath to every living thing—imagine Him halting anything that would interrupt His focus (though He is incapable of being distracted), and stopping to bend down to look at you.
Then think about Him grabbing your hand, wrapping His hands around it and putting it over your heart as He assures you of this:
“Hey…can I hold this? I know you feel fragile and often unseen—I want to tend to that place. I realize the importance of the desires you hold and the prayers sewn deep within it—remember, I made this. Before you became you, I wove you to be. No detail goes missed because you are Mine. I long for you to know the significance you hold and the purpose you were created to pursue—nothing delights My heart more to watch you learn that in a million different ways.
I want you to watch Me take your heart and put it into My hands so that you can actually release some burdens you’ve been carrying. They are simply too heavy for you.
Whatever situation is weighing on you, this is your opportunity to surrender it and breathe deeply.
Whatever offense feels loud and still hurtful to be reminded of, this is your chance to entrust it to me—I deliver justice and allow you to give mercy and be free. Will you?
Whatever relationships are struggling or feel strained, remember that I can bring restoration and reconciliation that the flesh can’t always comprehend.
When you think about Me, remembering My vastness is helpful but I long for you to understand My intimacy with you. You are My priority. I came for your heart and only I know what it needs.
Fall into me.
Feel the warmth, strength, and peace of being carried and knowing you’re covered.
Will you?
I keep my promises.
I will not change.
I’m committed to you.”

Top priority.
The Master + the Maker + the Mender is holding your heart.
Let that bring you peace 🤍

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