This is temporary + God is moving.

on February 29, 2024

Maybe it’s just been a ROUGH season in your life and you need to know this isn’t how it’ll be forever,
Maybe your relationships have been harder to steward because your demands at work have increased,
Maybe it’s a weird sadness or anxiety that you’ve felt because your life isn’t how you pictured it would be,
Maybe it’s that your schedule feels totally controlled by everyone else and you’re tired of being tired,
Maybe it’s all good things but your capacity feels limited and you need a reprieve,
Maybe it’s a really hard, sad, not preferable, or uncertain set circumstances that you find yourself navigating,
IN ALL OF THESE, this is true:
This is TEMPORARY + God is MOVING.
With absolute and total certainty, no matter what your eyes can see, it is true.

When you know it’s temporary, you find more patience in the wait, more perseverance amidst the unknowns, + more strength in each step, knowing there will be a break up ahead. Often a breakthrough, actually. Not always because the scene looks different but because you experienced the sustaining power of God. Not because it became sunshine + rainbows but because you discovered what it looks like to hold onto the promise amidst the rain.

What do I know? That God is moving in your situation and in your spirit.
I know that He is trustworthy with everything that He does and every word that He says. I know that He is aware of your desires, your deepest prayers, and the moments you’re dreading up ahead. I know that He is deepening your resolve so that you can be an example to the watching world.
I know that he is helping you choose language that is life-giving even when you’re tired and weary.
I know that he is carrying you so that you can look up and still enjoy the journey, fully letting yourself fall into His everlasting arms.

No matter how permanent something feels, know that it is temporary. Even when the emotions feel suffocating or you think you don’t have it in you, YOU DO. You’re good for this because your God is. You’ve been prepared and He’s not leaving you.

What is permanent? Rehearse that truth over your life today.
The space that you find yourself in is GOOD. Growth is happening here.

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