This week is anything but normal...

on March 25, 2024


Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another new week to walk freely, entrusting everything into the hands of the One who never fails us.
Another opportunity to live from the greatest, most intimate, most courageous, and most generous act of love ever extended—the cross.
This week is anything but normal…we stop and we reflect on the reality of this day and what’s ahead…The King is coming…to be slain…and then to rise again.
There is nothing greater.

Jesus, thank You.
Thank You feels so minuscule for the miracle of Your life, Your sacrifice, and Your revival.
Thank You feels so commonplace for a Savior who was anything but.
Thank You feels so little for a love that changed it all for us.
But Then You remind us that our thank You back to You is how we live, how we give, how we embrace, how we forgive, how we accept, and how we love those around us.
Help us make living out of Your love our top priority this week.
Show us how to prioritize Your presence and honor Your sacrifice, reminding the world that light always wins. The world was dark but You already had a plan in place.
You are the greatest promise and You never fall back on Your word.

May the cross illuminate the way forward this week.
When eternity is etched in our minds,
Offense is short-lived,
Frustration turns into patience,
Anger is replaced with tenderness,
Grace lavishes every atmosphere,
Dreams find new passion,
Prayer becomes our constant,
Supernatural strength invades our insecurities,
Power transforms our weakness,
Hardship becomes an avenue to deeper hope,
And love alters the way we see, know, + experience everything.

This Holy Week, lead us to the cross and help us find our deep breath, our safe space, and our refuge forever.

Great is Your faithfulness, Father.
Your son—for us. How can it be? And yet, it is so.

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