Today, I'm trusting God.

on June 20, 2023

What if today—BEFORE you entered the situations you will encounter—you decided that you’re trusting God no matter what.
What if BEFORE you have the interaction,
BEFORE you know what doors open and which ones will close,
BEFORE the results come in or the diagnosis is determined,
BEFORE you check your bank account or think through the financial stressors that will knock,
BEFORE you apply the filters or make the assumptions or try to connect dots that aren’t any business of yours connecting—
Before all of that, what if you decided, “I’m trusting God.”
Whatever comes, however it looks, whomever opposes me, whatever it requires.

Trust is not a reaction to preferential circumstances or the posture you take when God answers your prayers on the timeline you mentioned; trust is the decision to believe that God is God in every circumstance and that He is good for His Word.
Trust is the posture taken when the soul whispers back to its Father, “I’m not sure what you’re up to but I know Your heart is always good. Help me see it.”

The choice to trust—and ultimately, the opportunity—becomes a window to watching and witnessing the Miracle-Worker do what only He can do.
Uncertainty is a gift because how else would you finally come to terms with the truth that you aren’t in control?
Tragedy + adversity—though never prayed for and often experienced through heartbreak and pain—form the deepest roots—ones that can only be planted in the soil of “this feels impossible to get through” situations.

This is true with 100% certainty: God is present, He is for you, and He is in control.
The details, deliverance, and daily walking out of believing that truth are the hard part.
But ultimately—the direction of your life is a direct result of how much you trust God.

How powerful that you get to enter your day and BEFORE a single thing happens, you get to decide you’re going to have a trusting heart and because of that? a life of PEACE.

Inform your prayers.
Coach your emotions.
Counsel your anxiety.
They will get in line 😊
Recite His Word. Remember His character. Rest in His faithfulness.

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