Today is important

on April 06, 2023

Imagine Jesus.
His life, dedicated to helping + healing + holding the very people that were now going to belittle, betray, and beat Him to His death.
He was not unaware of what tomorrow would hold and yet—He stayed in THIS day.
The day before the cross…
The day where He gathered His disciples who had followed Him day after day, and He prepared their hearts for what was to come.
Knowing how much they would fear the events of the brutality that would ensue and how broken-hearted they would be when He leaves, He wanted to assure them—it is just for a short while.

You see, Jesus’ eyes were forever on the Father. He was not returning to a foreign place that He hoped lived up to its hype; He was returning home to the Promise-Keeper whose Word never returns void.
The eternal hope He held canvassing his human anguish and helping Him steward even these final moments.

Could He get any lower? Is there any way that He could even further display His love than to be crucified?
So before, He washed their feet. He wanted to make sure that they knew THIS—this was for them. He wanted to remind them that if the King finds the servants position fit for His life, surely they can, too.
He wanted to remind them that even though they will want to defend Him out of retaliation and seek revenge, THIS was His desire for their response to those around them.
How would they continue to follow in His footsteps if they no longer could visibly see them?
LOVE. That was His answer.

Jesus proved that true humility finds no need to solidify its value because the Father will take care of that.
Jesus reminded us that royalty is not stamped upon the positions of the world but woven deep within the inheritance as His children.
Jesus did not just talk about sacrifice, He embodied it.
He did not suggest service—He lived it.
He did not point to the strength of the Father but live without the need for it; He walked it out as He put each foot in front of the other, knowing the road He would walk tomorrow.

Only love. Only perfect, pure love can do that.

And so He says, “How will you live today knowing that hard things may come tomorrow?”
That is how we celebrate Easter.

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