Trust God with the rest of your day

on September 07, 2023

I think the enemy has tried this number on us that has worked for quite some time—he does this thing where he convinces you that if you chose to have an anxious heart this morning, that’s your lot for today. Or maybe you chose to bitterly respond to someone, or you formed a mindset around a jealous filter, or you feel restless inside from your attempt to control the uncontrollable and so you think—that’s just how you have to ride this day out.
But that?
It’s simply not true.
Imagine a paintbrush 🖌️ that painted the top corner of your canvas one color and now the enemy wants you to think that’s your only color.
But you have a whole palette.
A place to cleanse + purify your brush.

With the Holy Spirit, NO MATTER the posture you’ve taken previously in a situation or circumstance or relationship, you can ALWAYS choose to PIVOT.

That’s the power of walking with the Holy Spirit—you have the authority to operate differently from your feelings.
You have the awareness to remove the filter from your perspective.
You have the tenacity to look up when life feels down.
You have the strength to do something differently than those around you because you have always been set apart.

Will you, today?
When something pops off or your pride pipes up or something pings your soul, go back to this question: “Will I trust God with this?”

This verse in Isaiah says “whose thoughts are fixed on You.”
This means peace is fought for—the direct result of where you’re staring becomes the destination you’re steering towards.
If you don’t want an anxious mindset or an angry heart or a conflicted soul, recenter on Jesus.
What does He say about this situation?
How does His tenderness affect this conversation?
Does the details of tomorrow that are consuming your today worry Him? Or does He seem confident about how they’ll pan out?

The beauty of trusting the Father is that at any moment you can whisper, “Dad…are You still there?…I want to hold Your hand now.”
And together, You walk.
No explanation for your hesitation to trust Him in the unknown before.
Just progress in the process of pursuing peace.

How gracious is He?

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