Use your sword

on May 23, 2024

You will have moments today where something will trigger. Everyone’s are different and usually vary based on your season, your current struggles, past strongholds, or whatever situations you’re navigating at the current moment.
It could be a text from a friend that increases the relational tension you weren’t expecting,
It could be a post you see from a stranger that makes you feel alone or insecure,
It could be a conversation with an employee or a boss that makes you wonder about your purpose and why you’re where you are,
It could be an event that happened, the nature of your season, or simply the reality of a fleshly heart that makes you feel like your emotions are too much, impossible to read, or too intense to invite others in.
In ALL and in EVERY moment, you have access to the Sword of the Spirit that will help you promptly recognize, proactively respond, and powerfully handle anything that comes your way.
It is double-edge, cutting through the lies and the layers and the lurking tactics of the one who will do anything to distract you + deter you from a full life.
It silences the enemy and reminds you of your authority right where you stand, even when you don’t know the details of what lies ahead.

Your life is not happening TO you—it’s happening for you. With you.
Your thoughts are not the victims of what others are choosing around you; they are the culmination of your focus.
Your life is the summary of what you believe about God.
Do you believe His Word is true?
Do you trust His wisdom?
Will you have faith for what you can’t yet see and declare what has yet to pass?

There are a million scriptures for every feeling + circumstance but whatever you do, get your sword out.
It will shock you, honestly—how the truth from your lips will saturate your soul with peace, even when nothing changes…because you are.

God is on the scene.
His Word has already spoken.
Fight with faith 🗡️ ⚔️

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