Welcome the hard with the good.

on July 17, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E! 🌟
Another fresh beginning full of opportunities to link arms with the Great I Am and change the world that will soon fade away.
Another opportunity to welcome the hard with the good, trusting that He is using everything. Entering with this mindset seeks to walk honorably to the other side, rather than avoiding what isn’t comfortable or preferential.

Jesus, thank You 🙏🏻
You didn’t have to—you never have to—and yet you keep choosing to show up for Your people, shepherd their hearts, and steer them in the way of the everlasting life because that is who You are.

Will You help us today?
Remove the fancy language and any curation of our faith and help us just BE people of faith.
Like the disciples who dropped their nets and entrusted it all, may that be us.
When we start to think about the past that still feels heavy, point us to truth: YOU are the healer.
When we begin to dip into the future, wondering if obeying You will forfeit our dreams or desires, lead us to truth: YOU are our greatest desire.
Following You is the life we are after, even when the world tries to convince us it is found somewhere else.

Thank You for not getting mad at our striving or frustrated by our stubborn attempts to “earn grace.” Still, You hold us and assure of what the struggle has made us forget: There is nothing to earn, keep, or verify.
Our role: receiving, opening, appreciating, and responding in gratitude.
Your compassion isn’t conditional.

The rat race to figure it out or reach the pinnacle is removed.
The need to open every door to find the purposeful one is over.
It is in You, through You, and with You.
Instruct us on how to walk in our God-given identity, no longer needing the affirmation or accolades of the world around us.

Jesus, You are so good! Fill our mouths with praise—it has a way of opening our eyes and helping us realize all we already have in You.
Thank You for THIS season—whether it is filled with removal of roots, waiting on the harvest, or delighting in what has finally come to the surface, it is GOOD + holy.

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