What a legacy

on February 06, 2024

I could feel it entering the gates—this overwhelming sense of protection and peace as we entered The Cove. The trees canopied the mountain streets, the grounds kept with immaculate care, + the Word of God etched into every building and sign that laid out the property.

When we were sitting in the lobby, I had this visual of Billy Graham + all his family members + team with their hands behind a plow + joy marking their faces as the sun radiated while they worked. And now, here we were, standing on ground that had been cultivated through lives committed to faithfulness in the same direction.
As I led the women’s retreat throughout the weekend, I was overcome with freedom and anticipation instead of nerves or exhaustion. It was like the seeds that had been sewn in this place commanded a posture of working from a place of rest instead of striving.

“What a legacy,” I kept thinking to myself.

It was obvious that Billy Graham prioritized being a student of Jesus above all else. He saw God’s instruction as the bread of life and therefore, humility + focus guided Him.

If you know the most helpful, life-giving, + powerful truth, wouldn’t you spend your life making sure others do too? It is fuel.

Their time, their resources, their energy, their prayers—legacy realizes that the most valuable thing you attain is what you give away. Generosity is the key to STAYING in the space God has called you.

Having the language of faith is one thing but to infuse courage into your steps and propel others to do the same is different. Legacy operates with a heart of wisdom, aware that time is of the essence.

The most important thing isn’t where you’re going, but who you’re following. Legacy commits to honoring the narrow way, aware that provision, power, and peace are in that place.

Above all, yield. Legacy understands that the most responsible way to handle tomorrow is to surrender it all today. It was obvious that step by step, The Cove had been established through a foundation of yielding.

Jesus, may our greatest treasure always be You.
Oh how it filled my cup to be with you @epc_columbiasc 🤍

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