What if I don't have what it takes?

on January 18, 2024

The task you feel is beyond you,
The conversation you know will be hard,
The confession you’d rather avoid,
The relationship you must fight for,
The trial you didn’t sign up for,
The dream you feel is too big,
The role you worry is too hard,
The season you thought was over,
Or whatever it is, you wonder if you have what it takes.

Through your natural human tendency to want to do it on your own, so you strive and you strive until you know your only option left is surrender.
In raising the white flag, you discover that it was the actual medal—the willingness to walk to the end of your own rope and the courage to cling to His.

It is the best news ever to realize that you were never supposed to have what it takes; the goal was always to realize that He does.
What comfort! Relief. How much peace does it bring to see His mercy completely blanket the gap that you feared would remain empty?
How much courage does it give you to know that your source has no fear of scarcity?

So whatever it is today—the small or the big—you get to be brave with your life.
You get to jump into deep waters because you know who is carrying you to the other side.
You get to show up with tenacity and excellence and anticipation, fully believing that your tank will be refueled by the well that never runs dry.
You get to be step into the roles that He has given you with great delight and assurance that He will catch any ball you drop, direct every wandering thought back to His throne, and help you discern what is the way back home.
He will show you the way to peace,
the gateway to goodness,
the source of strength,
and the places that will bring Him and you great joy.

You don’t need to have what it takes.
That’s the point.
Because your Maker—the Creator of the earth and all that it holds—He does.
He has ALL you’ll ever need.

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