What voices deserve your attention today?

on November 30, 2023

You often don’t even realize how loud they are—that is, until you turn them down.
Even those that aren’t inherently bad but they’re just…a lot…crowding space in your mind that’s desperately seeking the pathway to peace.
And when the air clears a little and you can hear the wheels inside of you begin to slow down, you realize that what didn’t feel “so bad” was cluttering the rooms inside of you and leading to your overwhelm.
And that’s the thing about vying voices around you—if you don’t make a point to silence them, they will not turn off on their own.
It sounds elementary to say but then you travel through your day with streams of input all playing at the same time and wonder why you feel pulled in too many directions.

The truth is—God has unlimited capacity and ability to be everyone and discern what is priority amidst any kind of panic or particulars; you do not. The day before you is important. It happens once. Your energy is limited and you desperately need it for what God has called you to!
What helps you align with the Word?
Who edifies your spirit to keep going forward?
What improves your focus + removes distractions?
Whatever rhythms you need to implement or release to fixate on what’s yours today, commit to them.
When you notice that something is causing anxiety or your mind to stir or compare/wander/become restless, do all that you can to stop it.

Maybe you silence the texts for a little bit,
Maybe you close down Instagram and remove the app from your phone for today,
Maybe you minimize the email interaction to one particular hour,
Maybe you choose a different convo to entertain at lunch,
Maybe you position yourself differently in an office setting to avoid negativity,
Whatever it is—it is worth turning down so that the voice of the Holy Spirit can be turned up.

When you increase your ability to hear Him, you will notice that peace floods your soul. It is the giving of margin alone that provides new strength, knowing that you are posturing yourself in the direction of what is healthy, helpful, and holy for your day.

Being ruthless about the unimportant is the most loving thing you can do for the important 🤍

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