What's for you will not pass you by

on March 13, 2024

Can we just be a honest for a second?
We all experience this—in one way or another—that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see yet another person celebrating an answered prayer, walking in new freedom, or stepping through an open door, and you think to yourself—“Jesus…am I doing something wrong? WHEN will it happen for me? Have you forgotten me?”
It’s really easy to see pictures and make perceptions of the lives of others, which then leads to personalizing it as some basis for why it’s not happening to or for or around us.
It feels confusing. Hard. It makes the showing up feel a little more wearisome because…well…is it even worth it?

I think this can come to fruition in a million ways, often subconsciously, + before we know it, we feel like we are back in 4th grade playing dodgeball, wondering why we aren’t getting picked.
It’s this weird exclusivity game the enemy likes to play with us, hoping we shrink back or stop showing up or somehow silence parts of ourselves.
The enemy likes to tell us that recognition on the outside proves faithfulness on the inside.
But that is just not true.
In fact, many times it will be the lack of recognition on the outside that God will use to refine your faithfulness on the inside. Because how powerful is it when your showing up has nothing to do with whether other people see you or affirm you?

“It’s” can mean a trillion different things. Whatever the thing is that’s happening for them + not for you—
The breakthrough,
The relationship,
The baby,
The healing,
The open door,
The answered prayer,
The financial freedom,
The trusted community,
The FUN life—you name it, it can fill that blank.

But you know what? It’s okay to feel this way. God meets you here. He watches your eyes buzz around surveying everyone else’s blessings + He resets your gaze back on Him.
“Is everything else worth nothing compared to knowing Me? Where is your treasure?”, He asks.
And this hard, gritty, sometimes lonely place of feeling skipped over becomes the avenue to your greatest sanctification.
Sometimes, the blessing is having to fight, wait, or surrender the blessing you thought you wanted, all to realize it was the Giver you craved.

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