When comparison creeps in, cling to this:

on May 03, 2023

Whether it’s in what gifts you offer the world, the family you come from, the way that you look, what you have, or whatever it may be, comparison is a friend to no one.
But it is universal to us all. So…what do you do?


🤍 Surveying the lives of others is a poor gauge for where you should be in your own. Your timeline is not dictated by cultural standards because you’re life isn’t directed by them; don’t let the pace of others make you feel behind in your own.


🤍 Instead of going introspective + sizing up your own life, choose to celebrate the exciting things happening to those around you! Don’t miss out on this shared blessing because you’re so worried you won’t have your own to hold.


🤍 Sometimes, you don’t realize you anchor your contentment in a “When _____happens, I’ll be happy.” But that’s a fickle formula + a shaky road to have contingent contentment. Be grateful NOW. What if nothing changes? Will you enjoy your life?


🤍 What area of your life do you tend to compare? What is on the other end of your “more”? This often reveals where you struggle to release control + trust God. Lean into His heart—is He good for it?


🤍 Letting someone’s perceived reality formed out of assumptions made from a distance is a terrible barometer for your own life. Think about your own journey—is it ever the curated pic you post that sums up the road to get there?


🤍 Need to stop comparing yourself to people on the other end of the screen? GO LIVE! Be courageous. Get innovative. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you remain fixated on your lane + you’ll have little energy for everyone else’s.


🤍 When is the last time that you asked the Creator what He thought about you? Do you know His promises for your life? Let His active, eternal, unchanging Word be the fabric of your confidence + you’ll discover a whole new way to live.


🤍 The body needs each + every part. No two have the same function, appearance, or need. They’re different on purpose. Appreciate the other roles + remember the significance of the body.


🤍 Visibility + recognition does not equal significance + value. Don’t buy into the world’s economy; keep building the Kingdom. Only one treasure chest lasts.

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