When God's timing feels hard or unfair...

on February 21, 2024

Wasn’t it supposed to happen for you already?
The promotion, the pregnancy, the prosperity, the position—whatever prayer your heart is clinging to, remember this:


🤍 Your circumference of reference is only your own bubble; but your Heavenly Father’s is everything. Looking back on your life, aren’t you so thankful for unanswered prayers? He knew what you didn’t.


🤍 What triggered you feeling behind? Wandering eyes always lead to a wayward heart. When you find yourself analyzing your own life based on the assumptions of others, refocus on where God has you.


🤍 You will continue to face the challenge of waiting when you want something to happen or change—it’s LIFE. Do the opposite of your emotions; praise Him in the hallway. He is working mightily in you.


🤍 God is way more concerned with who you are becoming as you receive the blessing than anything, He will never compromise the healthy of your heart for the temporary happiness of your hands.


🤍 Timing has everything to do with the growth + grit beneath the surface. Everyone is in different seasons with different crops + different needs; even when you think you want immediate satisfaction, your soul is craving the reward of having deep roots.


🤍 You don’t have to prefer God’s timeline in order to have peace about it. But when your heart remains calm, despite the uncertainty ahead, your life is proof that you trust who’s in control.


🤍 It is often the lack of something in your hands that can lead to the greatest love for the Father. As you seek Him and ask for strength as you wait, your heart is reassured that He has never let you go.


🤍 The Creator of time is also the crafter of your heart and the controller of your life. It is well with your soul because you know that He can do whatever He wants to do and He will when the time is right.


🤍 And when your emotions are still loud and you desperately need joy as you wait? He will help you remember the abundant life only found on His timeline.

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