When I am exhausted, I will refresh myself with this:

on October 18, 2023

If someone asked you today, “How tired are you on a scale from 1-10?”, what would you say?
Not just the tired—“I need more sleep”—kinda tired, but the kind that stems from a million little reasons you can’t quite pinpoint.
Has it just become how you feel like you have to operate these days to keep up?
We do this, don’t we? We build a life, create a schedule, or establish patterns that result in a load that is sure to wear us out and leave us weary.

BUT, our Father knows we do this + He reminds us of this:


🤍 Wherever we find ourselves + whatever assignment we have before us, we are capable of showing up with excellence. When we FEEL like whatever is before us is too big for us, that is us forgetting the covering of His grace. Our tiredness often makes us size up giants. Our God is greater.


🤍 Being worn out is part of our makeup; it’s not a curse, but an invitation. The well is always open, without need for explanation. We come, exactly as we are, and He quenches our thirst. The exhaustion is actually a blessed reminder of our humanity.


🤍 There is nothing holy or impressive about over-working or running at breakneck speed without stopping to rest. Jesus, the perfect One, knew He needed to rest + regather strength. When we try to forgo rest for the sake of “progress”, we compromise both our peace and our progress.


🤍 Focusing only on the ground we are taking leads to burnout; focusing on listening + following the One who gives us the territory results in advancement. We can’t pour from an empty cup. Prioritizing solitude with Him, we inherently practice discipleship out of our overflow.


🤍 We have a choice: Will we speak to the little fuel we have left or give life to the fuel we know we are about to receive? One energizes us in hope; the other discourages us in fear. The Holy Spirit will replenish us; do we believe it?


🤍 We weren’t created to pack our schedules so full that nothing else can exist or grow. What must be pulled so that life can flourish?


🤍Some seasons are straight exhausting. We must remember they are temporary + lean in. Letting all our weight rest on Him, we reclaim our peace amidst it all.

SUSTAIN— You will.

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