When I feel like I can't catch a break, I'll rembmer this:

on February 01, 2023

One thing after another.
You thought you were going to get a second to just…collect your breath, right?
It’s okay. You aren’t alone. He knows. And He wants you to remember:


🤍The outside weather doesn’t get to determine your inside temperament, posture, or peace. Breathe. Take a minute. Hard things scream at you to run faster; Jesus says to slow down + recollect your mind.


🤍Struggle will always try to convince you to be a person of pity; the Spirit helps you realize that struggle is the avenue to supernatural power. Everyone is fighting something. You aren’t alone. Eyes up.


🤍Feel like at any moment, the plates are going to drop and shatter? GOOD. God puts things back together far better than how they were before. It’s okay to breakdown; Jesus is already there before you hit the floor. Restoration is coming.


🤍Maybe you weren’t expecting this….but He was. God isn’t surprised by anything you face; if He allowed it, He will bring good from it. Your trust is being strengthened!!!!!! That’s a massive blessing.


🤍When the circumstances are unforeseen, uncertain, or undesirable, THAT is when you get to exercise the power of your perspective. What do you know for certain? Jesus. Anchor yourself to His presence + His promises and let that determine your perspective.


🤍Crying out to God and pleading for change isn’t lack of faith; it’s the opposite. Entrusting Him with your deepest desires + fears proves you know He hears you + He cares. Keep doing it. Mercy will always be His response.


🤍A string of hard things or the constant rain in a tough season will try to convince you to have a pessimistic attitude but you know better. Expectant hope gets to be your posture 24/7 because you serve a God who works outside the box + operates unlike the world.


🤍Meditating on the Word will always provide a heart shift, even if it doesn’t happen immediately. It’s active seed being sewn. It is choosing to live on the offense, knowing God is fighting for you.


🤍Pain is an invitation to know Him more, not always know more. It is the gateway to seeing the Healer do His BEST work. You may not have chose this method but you will see the Maker move.

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