When I feel worried, I'll cling to this...

on October 04, 2023

Worry—that “friend” that promises to be different this time around—the one that prompts us with every turn of life and says, “can I come?”
But now we know the truth, we have been equipped and we can cling to this:


🤍 The reason we feel drained is not because we don’t have enough energy; it’s because we spend it on the wrong things! How would our lives change if all those hypothetical worries became hopeful work towards the present?


🤍 Prayer isn’t an “add-on”. It’s not an endcap at a store where we throw it into our day for good measure; it IS the game-changer itself. The cross can bear any burden.


🤍 What removes the filter that worry places over our eyes? The Word of God. It is sharp + active. True. It is the surest predictor of our future. Anchoring ourselves in it, we will always see Jesus.


🤍 When we take several mental leaps + begin to imagine life when ______ happens, we tend to remove our Help, Healer, + Holder of all things from the picture. This isn’t an accurate depiction of what will be because Jesus will ALWAYS be present.


🤍 Our imaginations are wild! Creative! Talented! However, they often aren’t seeded in truth. God is God—we aren’t good at His job!!! Let’s stop trying to go there + be here, trusting He will handle what comes.


🤍 The root of our worries often signifies the place of our lack of trust. It indicates where we might need the Holy Spirit to do an overhaul—our pace? Our focus? Our thought patterns? Whatever it is, it deserves our attention today.


🤍 Life is full of uncertain circumstances—that will never change. However, when we spend our time in gratitude, we focus on who we know versus what we don’t. This changes everything.


🤍 Sometimes simply recognizing that we are under attack is what we need to fight the battle! We forget that the enemy will always try to plant worry because it robs us of the ability to live in the present with JOY! His tactics are old + lame. Let’s call him out.

🤍Who do we believe God is? Is He truly good? The direction of our thoughts (worry or peace) answers these questions. What do we believe?

Peace, be still.
God has us.
He is handling the details, even those we don’t know🤍

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