When my mind is too loud, I'll focus on this...

on September 13, 2023

Loud. We don’t mean to add to the noise, it just happens, right? Beginning our days, knowing focus is needed + yearning for peace—but how do we get there?

When our mind can’t seem to calm down, we can redirect to these truths:

◾️It is not a mystery—the quiet doesn’t just happen. We must be intentional + diligent in creating space to breathe, hear, think, + process. Whatever it requires, it’s necessary.


◾️Our Maker has given us a sound mind—we don’t have to go and acquire anything we don’t already have; it is found as we abide in Jesus. The Holy Spirit invades our natural rhythm and helps us receive, respond, + remain at peace.


◾️We don’t need to find a “better” way to handle the too much on our plate; we must eliminate and be ruthless about it. We weren’t made to steward all of this; Only Jesus can do that.


◾️What are we truly after? Who are we trying to impress? The world says, “run faster! Harder! Do more!” But Jesus? He asks, “Where are you going? Is your hand in mine?”
Nothing is worth compromising our peace.


◾️We don’t need to be experts, we just need to be available. As we open His Word, we see His heart for us. We feel His care. We recognize His sovereignty. The Word always supersedes the noise of the world.


◾️Sometimes the voices in our heads have been chirping for so long, we don’t even recognize their invasion. We must be on guard—who speaks life, truth, + hope into us? All else must fade. Turn up Jesus.


◾️We don’t need to have FOMO when we follow Jesus—He will assure that we don’t miss out on what’s eternally important. But when we keep trying to be everywhere, our mind will always feel loud + scattered.


◾️GRACE upon grace upon grace. Our Shepherd knows the noise of the world—that’s why He leads us beside quiet waters. It is here that He reminds us not to worry, He will cover all the gaps we missed.


◾️Sometimes we just need to silence it all + take a break. Isn’t the chaos in our soul more important to tend to? Going to the throne, we find our provision. We must disrupt the usual—we were created for greater.

Our minds are brilliant + full of possibility. Let’s not get used to loud when we were created for lasting peace 🤍

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