When the healing isn't how you pictured it...

on February 07, 2024

It’s natural—to have a picture in your head of how the healing would take place, the timeline it would follow, or the outcome it would provide. But what about when it doesn’t?
Hold onto this:

🤍 Healing is a process, no matter what the circumstances are or who is involved. There are always layers you can’t see + effects you later realize—that’s okay. Looking back, you will see that it was the process that challenged, grew, + transformed you to be more like Jesus.


🤍 In the garden of your life, there are some strongholds + struggles you have watered for way longer than you’d like…God knows that. When you’re uprooting, don’t be alarmed by the time it requires. Keep showing up—new things are seeing the light.


🤍 The hard thing about healing is that it often isn’t just you + so much is out of your control. Your responsibility? Your own healing. Decide to be an example in your pursuit of peace + let Jesus handle the healing of others.


🤍 How long have you been here? How did you get here? You’re never too hopeless to PRAY BIG PRAYERS! He has made the world + everything in it. You will never regret having faith.


🤍 The thorn is invasive, constant, + unavoidable. You just want it to disappear, right? But its existence is what brought you to His feet, forced your surrender, + now is the reason you know His strength always sustains.


🤍 If God is the healer + His sovereignty is true, then why doesn’t He heal you? Fix it all? The grandest healing you could ever experience is that of your heart—to be in the midst of pain + know His peace is still present. Life is the daily revelation that His version is best.


🤍 Healing is the result of you answering the question: “What will your focus be?” When your perspective is grounded in His faithfulness, praise becomes your response. Just like the scars on Jesus’ hands, they hold the power of your testimony.


🤍 What would your life gain from proving a point or that someone is to blame? Don’t waste time. Pursue healing at all costs; it is worth your life.


🤍 You can dislike your experience + still love what it showed you about God. His plans are always the gateway to abundant life. Trust His healing—it is never lacking.

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