When you feel hurt by others, remember this:

on March 22, 2023


When your heart hurts, for whatever reason, it’s painful. You just want it to end or disappear…God knows that. He speaks to it.

Lean into these truths:

🤍 Sometimes, you just want to be reminded that you aren’t overlooked. Your healing is His TOP priority. He grieves when you do. He carries it. The One who made the world is most concerned with YOU—you are seen here.


🤍 Reality is your friend. People are people, just like you. Even when the sting is great, go back to the truth: Hurt on this side of Heaven is promised. Consider what you don’t know + do all you can to extend grace.


🤍 Forgiveness is always a sign of strength. Pain is loud, convincing you to hold onto what hurts you but mercy remembers that healing only happens when your hands let go + become free.


🤍 Sometimes your heart is hurting because of a misplaced label, word, or action spoken over or done to you. Don’t stamp it on—realign with your God-given identity. You aren’t responsible for the opinions or feelings of others.


🤍 Sometimes the sting of the heartache is the tangible form of mercy that leads you back to Him—being reminded that ONLY the Father’s love can hold you + not hurt you.


🤍 Pain is often the push to get outside your comfort zone + tend to what you’ve avoided, suppressed, or hidden. Maybe instead of thinking of how much you don’t deserve this, consider what good + wholeness is coming from the hurt.


🤍 Jesus was always gentle—even when He was firm, His tenderness in heart was obvious. Refuse to become hard; pursue peace + sit with the Father as you ask Him to take any callousness away. This is your protection.


🤍 Prayer is a sign of affection to the Father + to your own heart—recentering, redirecting, + reposturing—prayer helps you see yourself, others, + your circumstances through the Father’s eyes.


🤍 Feeling hurt HURTS. Its painful. It’s okay. You’re okay. God is here. You are loved. He will sustain you. He is moving. And always remember…you aren’t home yet 🫶🏻

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