When you feel offended, remember this...

on August 09, 2023

Offense—the great roadblock to progress + peace. But guess what? You have the power to not carry it with you. If your heart is struggling with it, read this:

🤍 Whether or not the word or action was offensive is irrelevant—even if it wasn’t meant that way, your heart was affected. The true question: Do you want it to consume you? If not, only you can let it go + move forward.

🤍 You might think you’re unaffected by the weight you won’t let go of, but the reality is, it affects your filter, perspective, pace, + capacity as you travel. God saw it + He knows—let that be enough.

🤍 Offense is natural + helpful, but only when it is the indicator of where you need to sort something out with the Holy Spirit, not when you let it direct how you operate. Let it be the laser beam that points out pain, not the center of your thoughts that steals your peace.

🤍 Many times, others aren’t even aware that they offended you—and if they are, they still aren’t sure how to fix it. Letting offense stew without pursuing healthy conversation brings distance, tension, + unnecessary stress.

🤍 When you can operate in your home and your workplace and amidst life’s happenings with an unoffendable spirit, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. It is rare. This protects your clarity, strength, + peace.

🤍 Letting offense go doesn’t mean you forget the wound and don’t address the situation; rather, it’s the choice to pursue handling your hurt with humility + seeking the Father’s heart. God’s way considers all.

🤍 Surveying how reacting out of your offense in the past has affected the situation + your relationships is helpful; when emotions are high, lay low. Let the hysteria calm, talk to Jesus, and ask Him how healing looks in this situation.

🤍 When you begin to see offense as the roadblock that the enemy often uses to prevent progress with discipleship + intimacy, you steward it differently. Being hurt by the brokenness around you is part of being loved by God!!! Let it chisel + sanctify you.

🤍Remember, your Father grieves even more. Embrace a Heavenly perspective. This helps you see others through His eyes, desiring transformation, not retaliation.

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