When you need a reminder that God is handling what you can't:

on June 26, 2024

Sometimes life is just HEAVY, you feel exhausted, or your circumstances make you wonder if God is even near? Does He care? Is He moving?

Hold on—lean into this:
🤍 When it comes to your Heavenly Father, silence is the opposite of apathy; it’s protection. He is moving. Remember that you see so little on the surface; He is never stagnant.

🤍 It’s easy to confuse your awareness of His presence with the truth of His true position: He is near. Always. There is never an exception to His omnipresence + sovereignty.

🤍 When your circumstance gets loud, remind your heart of what His character has always been. Immersing yourself in the Word provides spiritual eyes to see your purpose in the present amidst the pain.

🤍 You often want to know God is near when you are taking a leap of faith, moving forward in courage, or showing up amidst discomfort. This is huge!!! Take heart—His faithfulness is what gave you the ability to make this step.

🤍 Nobody prays for the moments of struggle or seasons of drought; however, they do pray for the intimacy they bring. Darkness only amplifies the light—get ready, you are about to see God in a new way.

🤍 Remember that God is God. He hears your prayers, knows the way, and has you on His mind at all moments. Don’t let your expectations rob you of experiencing His highest + best.

🤍 Sometimes the tunnel has closed in a bit and you just need to get outside of your usual place to see that God’s fingerprints are everywhere. Be intentional about seeking the light; He will meet you there.

🤍 When you wonder if God is near, ask those around you to tell about how He is moving in their lives. When life is tough, His faithfulness is sometimes easier to see in others.

🤍 ANYTHING that increases your intimacy with the Father is a blessing. Recognize what He is doing in you + let that give you perseverance for what’s happening around you.

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