When you need an extra does of hope, cling to this:

on March 29, 2023

It is true—the brokenness is everywhere, human frailty feels loud, and you feel your heart struggling to live with Great HOPE.
Cling to this:

🤍 Sometimes your heart feels impossibly heavy because you’re trying to fix the brokenness around you; only God can transform hearts and turn dry places into rivers again. You just get to love.


🤍 Opposition, division, and suffering are not interruptions to the plans He made; they’re part of it. Don’t give into believing that just because it feels like the world is out of control that God isn’t in control.


🤍 Emotions are LOUD, invasive, and poor dictators. They were never meant to be the leader of your life or the determinant of your hope. Feel them but take them to the Father—sort out what is true.


🤍 The Comforter knew the comfort you would need living in this world—nothing shocks Him. He’s not startled by recent events, though it deeply grieves Him. He knew the pain that sin would cause and still He says our hope should be great.


🤍 The gap between what you see and what is desired—the space needed for the miracle—it is necessary. If the waters weren’t deep + the waves weren’t treacherous, would you need to be rescued? He did not cause it but He will save you from it.


🤍 Sometimes the hysteria of headlines and the temptation to hear, react, and live accordingly paints a dismal picture that isn’t your reality with Jesus. Suffering is happening, yes—but precisely here, God is still present.


🤍 The awareness of your own sin + the pain that surrounds you is good, but only if it leads you to respond with gratitude for His grace, and not shame for your sin or hopelessness for the hearts of others. Authority belongs to the One who remembers their Father’s covering.


🤍 This is true: If you knew all that He knows, you would pray for what He gives and yearn for what He does. His ways are higher. His vantage point sees all—trust His version of good.


🤍 It is of utmost importance to understand your human frailty—for THIS is the invitation to the full life. Your weakness becomes HIS STRENGTH.

Hope! It’s yours!!! In every circumstance. It has never been determined by what you see…hold fast to Him.

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