When your heart needs a hug, remember this:

on February 08, 2023
Sometimes you just need a reminder that whatever is weighing on you is going to be okay + that you are seen right where you are 🫶🏻

🤍 Maybe it’s that you’re worn slam out—you have pushed + persisted but you’re weary from persevering. A break is a really good idea; it’s not quitting or giving up to rest a moment, refocus on Jesus, reflect on why you’re here, + restore your energy.

🤍 Maybe it just feels like whatever you do, it’s insufficient. But that’s a lie! Recognize that your heart is turning up voices that aren’t yours to follow or adhere to; God sees every sacrifice + He is so proud of you.

🤍 Ruts are REAL! Normal. Human! But the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit hugs you + says, “You don’t have to stay here.” It doesn’t ask you to explain or justify; it simply picks you up, helps you collect what’s important, + find traction on new ground.

🤍 Maybe the heart hug is simply the truth that you aren’t alone in the season you’re in or the struggle you’re walking through—Jesus is in every trench + on every mountain top. Emotions of loneliness are real but they aren’t true; whatever it is, there are others navigating something like you.

🤍 Sometimes you’re deeply aware of your own need + it’s HARD. Your Father knows that! His arms remain wide open + His joy PEAKS when He feels you release responsibility of things that have always been His. Your need = the doorway to Heaven.

🤍 Why do you feel the need to convince others that you’re always good, not in need of extra assurance? Forget that self-induced or societal pressure. Vocalizing your vulnerability makes you brave, available, + wise.

🤍 When emotions are running wild or life feels uncertain, remember that it doesn’t bleed over onto Jesus. He remains unshakable despite any storm that tries to rock your boat. He is the Rock, undisturbed + unaffected by His surroundings.

🤍 Isn’t it good news that whether you are in need of a heart hug or the one helping someone else feel seen, God always considers it of utmost priority? You get to be blessed + be a blessing.

🤍 Heaven’s perspective will always release new hope when your heart needs a hug. Everything here is temporary but the love of Jesus❤️
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