When your soul needs a deep breath, lean into this:

on April 12, 2023

With the way life goes, the pace you’re probably operating at, the expectations set around you, sometimes a deep breath feels distant or impossible.
Lean into these thoughts…


🤍 Deciding to assess your pace + slow down is a necessary rhythm for walking a path of wisdom + holiness. Changing up your normal is a great thing—even when it feels odd—this is good ground.


🤍 Sometimes, you just need to know this: it won’t last forever!!!!!! Or that you are seen where you are. Keep going—God honors every sacrifice you make.


🤍 Have you sat underneath the sunshine? Or looked at the complexity of a tree’s roots? Nature is often the grandest, simplest reminder that God is in every detail and He is connecting the dots for you.


🤍 What if your desire to “do it all” is actually robbing you of the effectiveness, strength, + FUN of what’s truly FOR YOU? Margin is a necessity that brings life to many other things.


🤍 Is there a stronghold, habit, relationship, or practice that’s suffocating you? Remove it. God will equip you. You can’t continue to pursue what’s harmful and expect a healthy soul.


🤍 Prayer is the tapestry of a peaceful heart, mind, and spirit. Talking to Jesus is the surest way to walk in wisdom, cultivate perspective, + operate in grace. Just begin—and tell Him everything.


🤍 You can listen to a million people talk about the systems of their lives but until YOU let the Holy Spirit examine your heart + reveal the unrest in your soul? It is then that you experience His healing power for yourself. Release the unrealistic self-expectations; a strong spirit + life of peace is actually what you desire.


🤍 It is hard to feel worried, entitled, or stressed when you’re actively praising God. Gratitude is a protective parameter to helping your mind stay in holy territory. Enact whatever disciplines you must to walk in it.


🤍 Sometimes, you apply cream to a place that needs surgery. Is your soul struggling to take a deep breath because you don’t truly believe what God says about you? Or your life? Let Him revive you so that you can receive lasting replenishment.

Because He lives + because He never fails you, you can ALWAYS find a deep breath.

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