When you're having a hard day:

on April 19, 2023

It doesn’t have to be any specific reason…sometimes it’s just a lingering feeling, but whatever is weighing on you, remember this:


🤍 You aren’t where you want to be but look how far you’ve come! Survey God’s faithfulness—has he not provided? Rejoice in the progress + ask for patience for the process.


🤍 You have been through some stuff. And it’s been hard. But the fire has not consumed you and your scars are your testimony. Have you allowed yourself to be vulnerable in a safe space?


🤍 Maybe the weight you feel is simply the pressure to keep impressing others or prove your worth—but that burden has been permanently removed. You enter every day + situation with belonging.


🤍 What feels like a mountain to you is the smallest blip for your Father—but He sees how heavy it feels to you. He’s in it with you but rest easy knowing His power is supernatural + sovereign. You’re covered.


🤍 Simply put—nothing can thwart or threaten the timeline of the One who made time. You aren’t behind—trust that He is aware, merciful, and never withholds good.


🤍 If you didn’t have what it takes, God wouldn’t place you there. When you walk in His will, it may be uncomfortable but turn that anxiety into anticipation. God has made you for such a time as this.


🤍 Sometimes, you just need to label something as, “EMOTION-FRAGILE” and not use that box as your bench for a restful mind. Talk to Jesus—He yearns to help you navigate what feels loud + intrusive as you follow Him.


🤍 It’s helpful to constantly remind yourself that growth isn’t linear or predictable. It’s often obvious in retrospect. Be present + trust that God has purpose in THIS place.


🤍 ALL you can give is your best. That’s all your Father wants + needs. Take heart. Lift your head + let Him calm your heart. GOODNESS is ahead.

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