When you're just trying to figure it out...

on May 01, 2024


“I’m just trying to figure it out…”
Can you relate to this sentiment? In whatever it may be, just wondering how it’s all going to work out?

🤍 Join the club!!! No really, even those that portray the opposite—we are all seeking, learning, making mistakes, + discovering AS WE GO. You’re not alone, forgotten or an exception.

🤍 Your humanity will always prefer control because it FEELS more comfortable. But truthfully, the surest way to walk in authority and the most responsible form of stewardship? Surrender. It takes far more strength to let go than clamor for control.

🤍 Worship isn’t meant to be the intended response when things get sorted out; it’s the method of transportation that peacefully walks you through every hallway, detour, + crossroads of your life. It IS the point.

🤍 Your finite-ness will be frustrating. You will feel the tension but realize that this struggle is the invitation for your Savior. Flip your focus—what CAN you do? Stay there.

🤍 Are you truthfully trying to figure out the next step or are you seeking a grander picture of the staircase so you don’t have to exert faith? Because God loves you, He won’t reveal to you what you can’t yet hold + handle. Trust that.

🤍 Often times, the intensity of the seasons around you or the coincidental timing of everyone’s lives syncing up and yours…not—it feels hard + heavy. Be aware of this + turn down the voices. Tune into Him—what’s He saying? Where’s He working?

🤍 Sometimes, you just need to stop the snowball and get out of your own head. You aren’t moving mountains by hanging out in your analytical assumptions. Break out + be with Jesus. You’re good.

🤍 Even if the worst happened (high probably it won’t), what would that mean? That Jesus would walk with you through the fire + get you to the other side? even there, you are safe. Breathe.

🤍 Are you trying to figure it out so that you can appear put together? Because if your hope is pleasing God, He prefers the messy, uncertain, + imperfect life. Then, His glory is obvious.

“Figuring it out” is overrated. You don’t. You realize a million times over that your Father already has 🙌🏻

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