Where you are is good ground.

on May 14, 2024


We had talked about it and prepared for it. We had prayed and prayed and prayed and God opened doors in truly miraculous ways. Not to get into the nitty gritty of the timeline but had it of happened a moment sooner, it couldn’t be what it was.
Each step had been so necessary in Sledge’s journey, even the lulls that felt like lagging and the chapters that felt dominated by uncertainty rather than clarity…they were vision, too…we just couldn’t see it at the time.

As Sledge acclimated to his new school, his teacher started helping him take steps on the playground. I stayed and watched, just to make sure they were aware of his limitations but still gave him space to participate and grow. I was amazed at how quickly he—and all the other children—adapted to change…to new spaces for Sledge and new friends for them. It was such a reminder to me that faith is the cornerstone in every new space and when it is present, the foreign becomes the opportunity for the Faithful father to ensure the familiarity of His love is always present.

As I watched from afar and prayed over his day, I could hear an all too recognizable voice whispering to my soul, “Remember, I love him more.”
When I had to leave sledge at night in the NICU, this truth was my comfort. Because if there’s anyone who yearns for Sledge’s joy to be palpable, his heart to know love, and his spirit to be seen, it’s the One who made him.
And He connected every dot and opened/closed every door that led us here. His positioning is provision in every way. Every change + transition is protected.

I never questioned whether he would flourish + have fun, I think it’s just the nature of change.
It asks us to flex new muscles, adapt in unexpected ways, + once again surrender the unknown.
It is the vehicle to experiencing God in new ways + learning to trust the Holy Spirit inside of you.
Sometimes, in the “I’m not ready for this yet,” you find gumption, grit, + grace you didn’t know before.

Isn’t it so helpful + comforting to know that you have been prepared by the One who knows yesterday, today, + tomorrow?

Where you are is good ground. You will flourish as you discover that once again, God is good for His Word 🤍

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