Will you be the first to say it?

on June 29, 2023

Why is it so hard sometimes?
You can feel it bubbling up in your throat but your pride takes it’s grimy hands and holds on for dear life. “Nooooo! Don’t. Think about how they were in the wrong! Don’t give that to them.”
Or in you’re in the middle of a heated, intimate conversation with someone (lol to that) + you feel the little nudge in your spirit prompt you, “Hey…will you apologize for your part in this?”
You sense it but the anger, bitterness, hurt, jealousy, or self-preservation rises up + you just can’t seem to go there.

But what about when you do?
When you do put your pride aside + go there?
When you stop worrying about proving your point, retaining “leverage”, or “winning” (whatever that means), and you put your energy into unity, empathy, and awareness?
Freedom comes, right?
You may still fight the words + wrestle as you navigate the why, but grace begins to breakthrough your barrier of pride and remind you of the mercy you’ve been extended.
WILD mercy. Constant mercy. Heavenly mercy. Life-changing mercy.
Humility helps you remove the filter from the situation and see things from a truthful perspective instead of your tainted, hurt one. You discover that compassion, empathy, + kindness aren’t actually synonymous with agreement; they’re synonymous with love.
And Jesus, humility personified, proved love is often the agent of connection when agreement isn’t present.
Because then, you both let your your agreement with the heart of the Father drive your words + your actions. And that’s where GOOD ground is found.

What if you made it your goal to be the first one to say “I’m sorry”? Not in a people-pleasing or hollow way, but in a way that understands how little time you have + how much pride takes up.

To be honest, we don’t have time to waste holding onto bitterness, wearing ourselves out in self-preservation, + forgetting about what’s important.

“I’m sorry” postures your heart before His feet + trusts Him to navigate the conversation, bring healing, + restore connection.
Sometimes, it’s slow, but it’s a start.
You will never regret owning your 100%, your 89%, your 50%, your 11%, or your 1%.
It looks like Jesus + it sets you free.

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