Will You settle my soul?

on August 14, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another opportunity to partner with the One who established Heaven + earth and created beauty + order for all mankind.
Another new beginning to trust Him at His Word + live the abundant life He has called us to—not surviving or praying for a different life, but fully embracing the one we are living right now.

Jesus, thank You!!!
Thank You for a new week—how is it that You remain so generous despite the doubt + hesitation we often give You—thank You.
Will You settle us in You before we begin?
Before we make plans or respond to texts or schedule our time or get caught up in the happenings around us, show us how to firmly anchor ourselves in You.
The truth of Your Word,
The steadiness of Your spirit,
The strength of Your hand,
The accessibility of Your help,
The power of Your army,
The eternal nature that outlasts everything—help us root our thoughts in this place before we start our week.
And when we forget? Point us back. Show us our unbelief. Lift our heads + help us see. Lead us in the way that honors You. Not tossed + turned by the waves of uncertainty because our security is attached to the immovable name of Jesus.

Thank You for slowing our reaction rates and helping us be better listeners. What would we do without Your constant ear tuning into the cries of our hearts? Remind us of this. Remove our assumptions about others + their situations and infuse us with divine empathy. Season our words with salt so that we change the atmosphere instead of conform to it.

When we take actionable steps holding Your hand, worry dissipates. Hope builds. Strength forms. Mountains are moved and new dreams are surged and faith is cultivated as we realize there is FAR more beyond what we can see.
Help the veil be thin. Heaven is near and You are our breath.

Sustain us this week. May we be people who endure well, look forward to the next hour, irregardless of what it holds because You are with us!

Grateful to be loved by You—there is no greater gift! Soaking it in + responding with how we live this week 🤍

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