Worship is my only response

on October 30, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E💫
Another fresh beginning to let Heaven determine our view on earth, knowing only Heaven lasts forever,
Another batch of mercy and restored strength and unopened joy that we get to tap into and walk out and share with the broken, thirsty world.

Jesus, thank You!!!
Thank You for it all.
Looking up and around and on every side, it is Your grace that’s covering me. Sometimes my mind tries to answer the questions of “Why me?” And “How so?” And “What about _____?” And I feel Your tenderness meet me, quieting my soul, and answering in a way that only You can.
“Because you’re you and I’m Me and you belong to Me. Now...worship. Live out of that.”
And I do—I feel You reinvigorate my weary soul with passion and hope to enter my circumstances differently.

Thank You for illuminating what is good and calling out what doesn’t fuel me. It is only through the filter of your truth and the application of Your protection that I know what truly brings life.
Even when I want to conform, You meet me and remind me how fleeting temporary satisfaction is. You sustain me. You build up my perseverance and You show me how to be patient on Your timeline.
Do I want anything that doesn’t help me look like You? No, Father. You lead me on good ground.

I love how You ask me questions and bring awareness to my heart. When you prompt my spirit, I’m reminded of my authority in You! When You ask me in Your caring + sovereign tone, I feel Your provision in it.
Thank You for giving me wisdom and helping me see even what I’m afraid to recognize or reveal. You’re already there! You bring light and love to the invisible places and THIS revelation is what empowers me to walk the visible with fresh vision, uncommon courage, radical faith, and Heavenly hope.
My life gets to be a testimony because You unveil Your perspective to me and it changes my life.

Thank You for locking eyes with me and not letting me go.
Thank You for lifting my head when I don’t want to fight and reminding me that the battle belongs to You.
Thank You for assuring me that the in-between is still miraculous, even when it feels mundane.

You’re WITH me!!! Always.

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