Yes and No are complete answers.

on March 07, 2024

Your life—and my life—it is the result of what we say yes to and what we say no to.
Even when it’s something that happens to us and we can’t control it, the direction that we travel becomes an answer to whether we will trust Jesus with it—yes or no.

You see, most of life is lived in the gray. In fact, I would argue that almost all of it.
Because even though the truth is black and white, the way we approach, interact, and experience life cannot be separated from the lens in which we see it, the brokenness in which we bring to it, the background we enter with it, and the beliefs we hold as we interpret it.
And because of this, we have become really good at confusing ourselves in what is our yes and what is our no. We think that muddied waters allow us to be everywhere at once or be impressive in achievement or belonging; however, it is the lack of clarification + wholehearted commitment to the yes and the no that doesn’t allow us to excel anywhere and makes us feel lukewarm in our devotion.

I was thinking this morning about the day ahead of me and wondering…"Jesus, if You could change something I am saying Yes to that You want me to say no to, what would it be? And the reverse?"
Sometimes, those answers are obvious.
Other times, it requires a little more digging, a lot more praying, and a permanent need to die to self so that the Spirit can lead.

Where are your yeses? Do you know?
Is there something that needs to be a no but you’re afraid to lose it, be defined without it, or not have the comfort of it?
While these seem like obvious questions, I wonder how often we bubble in the same answers, simply because we always have.
And you know what I love about Jesus? No right now doesn’t mean no forever. And yes right now doesn’t mean yes forever.
He continually shifts boundary lines as seasons change + maturity is gained.

Where will you find fulfillment, contentment, + peace today? By saying yes to the NEXT thing He has asked of you.
His yes will always be the surest way to your safety and the only avenue to your lasting success that you’re craving.

Everyone has something they can shift today to look more like Jesus—ask Him and trust His answer 🤍

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