You are always being the same God

on January 16, 2024

Is it possible to enter any day, any season, any circumstance, any conversation, or any instance in life and remain at peace within you?
Is it possible to be in the middle of navigating one wave after another and still have great hope for what lies ahead?
Is it possible to wait and wait and then wait some more and still have full trust that the Giver of good things has not forgotten you?
Is it possible to feel the depth of human emotions like sadness and disappointment and fear and anger and still operate with compassion, kindness, and undeserved grace towards others?
Is it possible to stand steadily with both feet planted when your whole world feels wildly unpredictable and unsure?
And the beautiful, wild, miraculous part about this is that the contingency is not on you—it’s on Him—and He is always being God.

I think sometimes we read things like this and we think, “yeah, but in _________ circumstance, it doesn’t feel that way.” Or “yeah, but it feels the opposite of what is true.” Or “But He could’ve done this ____.”
And yes. He is aware of the gap between what you expected Him to do and what He is doing and He is good with it because He is God. Chapter eleven sometimes feels confusing until chapter eighteen is revealed.
And the immensely difficult circumstances in chapter three were necessary so that chapter fourteen could be possible and so that chapter twenty-five can play out this way.
Only He knows because only He can handle knowing and continue in the way of righteousness.

Personalize this for yourself. What is weighing on you? What feels strained or stressful right now?
Now imagine the Healer and Creator invading that space and operating with perfect assertion of power, provision, and peace.
That’s what He is doing.
Right now.
The difference in your day is whether you live like you know that He is.

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