You are intentional in everything You design

on September 25, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another chance to lean in and ask our Heavenly Father, “How can I live in a way that pleases You? I know that is the only way to peace.”
Another opportunity to trust that He can hold what we can’t, handle what feels too heavy, and help us in any place we are struggling. He is the mighty King!

Jesus, thank You!
Thank You for giving us another clean slate and a new week and another invitation—an invitation to draw near to You, partner with You in Your miracle working power, and bring Heaven to earth in a way we’ve never experienced before.
We are grateful.
Remembering Your grace, worship is always our posture.

As we operate this week, help us establish a new normal—one that isn’t afraid to go against the grain, release what’s “popular”, establish new boundaries that protect our hearts, and refresh us in ways that please You.
You are in the business of giving us the ABUNDANT life, not just making sure we survive or get through another week.
Help us yearn for the free, fruitful, FULL life You offer us.

Call our attention to any place that’s draining us or making us feel inferior to the people You’ve called us to be; remind us that we get to CHOOSE our inputs. We have the power to silence voices and turn others up. We have the authority to walk differently in any space because You’ve given us the Holy Spirit—we need no further permission.

Thank You for healing us!
Thank You for refreshing us!
Thank You for leading us!
Thank You for comforting us!
Thank You for protecting us!
Thank You for encouraging us!
Thank You for seeing us!
Thank You for knowing us!
Thank You for pursuing us!
Thank You for it all—for being the Giver of Life and for never giving up on us.

Ready, we walk forward with our eyes locked on You 🤍

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