You are not doing this alone

on March 06, 2024

My friend sent me a text this morning with this verse and I still can’t get over it…it is the simplest and the most profound truth that helps us enter the day with strength + peace—what is it?
This sentence: “The Lord Himself watches over you.”
He doesn’t hire a helping hand because He is too busy with more important, spiritual people. No, HE is the One who is going to meet you today, exactly where you are, with exactly what you need, and most certainly in ways + places you would not expect.

I was in conversation with Jesus about something very specific and saw this verse…I didn’t realize, that even amidst praying, my head was looking down. I was reflecting on the things I already knew about the situation, the words that had been said regarding it, considering all the tools in my toolkit, and left asking Jesus…”So…how will this work out?”
His answer: “Look up.
Beyond the hills of predictability and human strength, the supernatural power of Heaven will meet you. There will be no delay in My delivery so take heart when silence feels deafening. It is impossible for me to forget you—YOU are why I am here.
I am in the middle of doing many things and most feel invisible to You. It is why I ask You to know me greater—because as these valleys come and life asks you to navigate places you feel ill-equipped to handle, you can rest in knowing my heart for you. My heart for your life. My heart for your present and your future. My heart for who you become. My heart for your family. It will be knowing my heart that becomes the foundation for your trust.
Because I hold the world, beyond the hills is not far away. It is as close as your breath.
You will have help wherever you go—I did not bring you here to leave you; I brought you here to allow the world to see my love in you.”


Now don’t get me wrong, my flesh still wants to not be in a situation where I need so much help. Isn’t that the cry of our flesh? To be able to escape the need?
And then the Holy Spirit reminds us that without the need, the divine partnership can’t take place.

You have help,
You haven’t been left alone.
In the smallest of tasks and the biggest of decisions, the Lord Himself is your help🤍

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