You couldn't have guessed it.

on July 27, 2023

We all have the different situations, prayers, relationships, struggles, and circumstances that plague our minds and worry our hearts as we ponder how in the world it’s going to work itself out.
Maybe the timing feels pressed, delayed, or not in your favor,
Maybe the resources feel slim, scattered, or strained,
Maybe the struggle feels looming, loud, or literally impossible to get past,
Maybe your prayers feel like they’ve fallen on deaf ears or a distant God,
Maybe your life feels far different than the picture you had drawn, the relationships you predicted, or the circumstances you assumed would be your reality.

But then you look back…
You reflect on where you’ve come and how you’ve gotten to where you are,
You remember how weary your heart once felt and how the Waymaker delivered,
You recognize the progress and the process that was necessary to bring the refinement of your soul,
You appreciate the relationships that could only be cultivated through vulnerability, struggle, and the desperate need for grace,
You stop and you see—the Dot connector was always at work.
The Healer was healing,
The Shepherd was guiding,
The Maker was molding,
The Keeper was carrying,
The Advocate was protecting,
The Cornerstone was establishing,
The Counselor was comforting,
The Messiah was moving,
And the Lord was loving you—every single step.

Unpredictable because His ways are higher, His wisdom is greater, His strength is absolute, and His majesty can’t be conceived.

The dots may feel in disarray but do not be alarmed. Do not be afraid. Do not spend today in worry—
You have been here before.
In need—it is the story of your life.
And every time, God has met you here.
Reminding you that He is always working on your behalf.

Don’t try to predict the future; it’s too sweet and too gracious to comprehend.
Stay in today and praise Him for the way He will move.

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