You don't have to perform for others

on January 25, 2024

Regardless of whether they see your viewpoint,
Even if they think your faith is radical,
When you know they aren’t impressed,
No matter what their response, you get to operate the same.
There is a massive difference between asking the Holy Spirit to help you remain relevant so that you can understand their heart and becoming a chameleon so that you fit their version of relevant.
There is a large amount of space between walking in diligence + excellence and trying to impress those around you.
The pressure is off to persuade others that you’re valuable—your worth has been made known.
The pressure is off to convince the world that you fit in—you were actually created to stand out.
The pressure is off to verify your relevance—His truth makes you eternally relevant.
The pressure is off to conjure up some grand purpose + intense resume through your own doing—His will + His ways ensure divine purpose.

Maybe you realize you’re walking on eggshells or maybe you do so subconsciously, letting the shifting tides of the world around you or the moods of others dictate what you say, how much you say, or what you do.
It’s okay—it is very human. A universal tendency that pops up when your desire to be liked and your yearning to find belonging remind you to do so.

But you don’t have to live that way anymore, no matter how others may know you as, what boundaries you’ve crossed before, or how you’ve shown up that you now realize doesn’t support your authentic, free, + healthy self.

Because if you know that you belong, you walk in authority. You don’t waste energy asking others for affirmation that you get to be where you are. Your confidence, no longer a result of what your hands do, but that the Father’s heart has already claimed you here. VIP pass, full + total access to the abundant life that He gives.
When you belong, Joy is your inheritance, hope is your compass, and peace is your companion. The weather forecast matters less + less as you trust Him more + more.
All the sudden, the work that you give, the way that you show up, the willingness to lend a hand—it all becomes a gift back to Him.

It feels GOOD to BELONG. Know that you already do.

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