You refill my cup

on June 10, 2024

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another opportunity to experience the everlasting care of the Father in new places and positions,
Another chance to sit at the feet of Jesus and learn about His heart—His heart for your family, His heart for healing, His heart for your future, His heart for humankind, His heart for Heaven to be brought to earth and everything in between,

Jesus, thank You!!!!!!!!!!
You see my innermost thoughts and somehow, You love me the same. Because You formed me and know how I’m wired, You know how to speak to my insecurities, breathe life into hopeless places, and recharge my spirit like nothing and nobody else can.
Will You remind me that I’m known today? I’m understood. I’m affirmed. I’m held. I’m purposeful. I’m empowered—all by You. Your sealing over my identity offers me treasures of this life and the one to come and I can never thank You enough.
But I do know this—spending time thanking You protects my heart. Gratitude is my vehicle to contentment and peace. Opening my eyes to all that You are and all that You’ve done and all that You’re doing and all that You’ve forgiven and all that You promise, it is like opening a perpetual gift to be alive.
Thank You.

As I operate today, both in the situations I was expecting to navigate and the circumstances I didn’t foresee on the horizon, give me sharp focus and intentionality. I yearn to be an example to others of what it means to be Kingdom focused. Committing myself to the present moment, I know that You will help me prioritize each hour, entrusting all else to You.
Help me close some tabs—I was never meant to fire on all cylinders at all times— will You rid me of that desire, to be everything to everyone? Or to be impressive with how much I get done? Or to prove my worth via my contribution? Or to receive affirmation based on what my hands do or how the outside looks or how much I serve?
On this day, I am devoted to not missing out on what YOU have in store—THAT is what I don’t want to miss.

When I see the Holy Spirit move around me, in others, or in any place, help me voice it. You’re moving and I trust You.

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