You serve the God of peace.

on January 10, 2023

We have become so accustomed to worrying about tomorrow, that sometimes we actually believe the enemy’s lie that it’s helpful. Proactive. RESPONSIBLE. Necessary because of how much we CARE, right?
Especially when the situation is so outside our control or our hands are tied and we desperately want to fix or finagle the outcome, worry feels like the only response.

Worry is the reversal of roles and the worship of outcomes.
We try to take on the role of God or the One who knows all and we worship the outcome of a situation or the promise attached to it instead of the One who handling the situation or delivering the promise.

So how do we switch it? How do we operate differently when we have trained our minds to ride the rollercoaster?
We go back to His character.
We get serious about reciting His Word, especially when joy feels distant, the harvest feels scarce, or the future feels scary.
We recount His faithfulness and remember His power—has He ever failed us? Is His throne ever in jeopardy?
We replant ourselves on sturdy, stable ground rooted in the unstoppable hope + unconditional love of our Heavenly Father.
We STOP the going and the doing and the pace of the worry and the hurry and we refresh ourselves in HIS presence.

Will our circumstances change? Maybe. Maybe not.
But our perspective will realign with Heaven. Our problems will become possibilities to see Him move. Our power stops being based on how good or happy we feel and becomes centered on how constant He is.

Peace. Isn’t that what we want?
Is there anything more powerful, successful, or wonderful than to live with a heart of peace no matter what?
THAT—that points to Heaven.

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