You were made for hard things

on June 06, 2024

It’s not in our wiring to pick out the “hard thing” and choose it from the start. It’s just not—and even when we do pick it out—say choosing to run a marathon or deal with some relational conflict in hopes of reconciliation or sign up for the more difficult tasks at work as we gun for the promotion or whatever it may be, it is a constant renewal of our minds as we show up in those spaces.
As we coach our minds to get up when the alarm goes off to train,
Or as we sort through our pride before the hard conversation so we that we can really listen,
Or as we work diligently to understand new information and execute the assignment with excellence, we are continuously leaning into the truth that we were MADE to show up in spaces that aren’t pleasurable or preferable because it is worth the work they require.

But the truth is, everyday has these moments.
And in some seasons, the twenty pound weight feels like ten + you master the process of enduring!
And others? The twenty pound weight might as well be one hundred…how in the world will it ever lift?
But—in both moments—you plant your feet, you extend your hands, you talk to the Father, + you depend on Him to do the heavy-lifting.
I think, especially when the 20 feels like 100, the hardest part is showing up knowing it still feels that heavy, even when you know you’ll have help.

Whether the hard thing is simply waking up this morning + choosing to look for the sunshine when it’s only been rain,
Whether it’s extending grace to someone who has deeply hurt you + all you want to do is retaliate,
Whether it’s choosing to embrace the present when your future feels confusing + you just want clarity,
Whether it’s being honest about where you are so that you can actually heal,
Whether it’s entrusting your child to God—again—when others don’t understand his limitations,
Whether it’s letting go of your fear of rejection + trying to pursue a new friendship,
Whether it’s doing the mundane tasks despite feeling unseen + unearthing roots of bitterness,
Whatever it’s a lot of small hard things…and a lot of big hard things…you’re made for all of them.

Dependence… they’re all growing 🤍

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