You were made for this

on June 27, 2023

Sledgehammer got to use his new equipment for the first time and wanted to show all his friends 😊

I wish I would’ve videoed his response when he saw this contraption—he army crawled right up to it + tried to get into it himself.
It’s like you could see his brain thinking, “this is what I’ve been waiting for!!!!”
The chance to be upright, exerting his energy forward, + seeing the world from a little bit higher. I’m so grateful for advocates who helped us rent these hot wheels! 🙏🏻
Right now, his exercise regimen is to just stand for 10-15 minutes, 2-3x a day. Assisted walking will come after he can do this for a while + build his strength. The goal is to coach his muscles to withstand longer periods of time + begin to connect to each other.

Because right now, if he pushed it too long, he would tire out and recovery would be so much harder.
Makes sense, you know? Like his muscles need to congregate + tell each other, “guys, suit up! We are going again tomorrow. We were made for this.”

Isn’t that the same with us as we pursue righteousness in our Maker?
It takes time to build that strength.
But soon enough, we can stand for longer amounts of time, we build confidence that He supports our shakiness, + our maturity is formed.
If you’re not great at turning to Jesus in your anxiousness, work that muscle.
If you often forget to harness emotions before reacting, work that muscle.
If you spend time flippantly + need help with intentionality, work that muscle.
If you struggle with being present, work that muscle.
Whatever it is…it’s the process that we must commit to—we will feel our Shepherd stabilize our feet + remind us to take one more step or maybe right now? To just stand. That’s incredible, too.

Watching Sledge’s joy come alive, I felt my heart actually burst.
Whispering in my spirit, “I would’ve never understood the power of EVERY step any other way, Father. This is life.”
Getting a front row seat to this is His grace over me.

Take heart, friend. The moments where your muscles get confused but regain clarity and then look up and remember THIS is what you were made for—this is the good stuff.

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