You were made for today's fight

on June 13, 2023

I went to write another devotion and the Holy Spirit let me know something else was needed. For so many of you. For me. For His people. For the advancement of His Kingdom and the joy the enemy doesn’t get to steal.
A reminder for the person who is in the middle of the life they didn’t plan for, pray for, or prefer,
A nudge for the person fighting for the relationship that feels way too far gone or the circumstance that has been deemed hopeless,
A hug for the single mom or dad that is using every morsel of energy in their body to fight the good fight for their kids,
A nod for the person who is wondering if they’re cut out for this new position or if they have what it actually takes to fully walk through the door that just opened,
A whisper of hope for the person who wonders if they’ve been forgotten tending to whatever matter is requiring their undivided attention while the world seems to be having a party without them,
….just a glimmer for whomever is tired, weary, or ready to hang it up.

Will you do this?
Imagine this scenario and paint it out personally. The Heavenly Father is in the room. Angels have encompassed the space. Your life isn’t on the back burner for Heaven’s armies; there is favor, truth, and hope fighting for you on the frontlines.

Though your soul may be weary,
Though your mind may be confused,
Though your heart may be broken,
Though your body may be exhausted,
You were made for today’s fight. Never a moment alone.
Remember all the times where God showed up in ways you never expected and life circled around and somehow healing came?
It is here, too.

It is here, too.
Lift your head and be done trying to figure it out. The Father is making a way 🫶🏻

“You shall not fear them, for it is the Lord your God who fights for you."
-Deuteronomy 3:22

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